The National College Readiness Institute (NCRI) offers a series of workshops to parents of students in elementary, middle and high school to provide useful resources for their child’s education and career goals.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to support your child’s future. We open these weekly workshops up to all parents of students at our partner schools, including those not actively participating in our other programs.

Workshop Topics

At the start of each semester, we survey parents to gauge their interests in a variety of topics and customize upcoming workshops based on those responses. Those topics can cover a wide range of educational and parenting subjects. See examples of topics that we’ve covered in the past:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Literacy
  • College admissions
  • Preparing your child for college
  • Basic computer skills

Eligible Schools

We present to parents with children enrolled in the following schools throughout the Greater Houston area, even if your student isn’t participating in one of our programs.

  • Stevens Elementary School
  • Sinclair Elementary School
  • Field Elementary
  • St. Ambrose Catholic School
  • St. Augustine Catholic School
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School

Interested in offering parent workshops at your school? Reach out to us through our contact form.